Learn About Our Medical Alert Systems

Life Link of Sheridan County is an easy-to-use medical alert system that lets you summon help any time of the day or night – even if you can’t speak. All you have to do is press your medical alert button, worn on a wristband or pendant, and a trained Personal Response Associate will ensure you get help fast. That’s why Life Link of Sheridan County provides the #1 Medical Alert System to offer you something else: peace of mind.

Dependability is key to peace of mind. That’s why doctors, hospitals, and professional caregivers trust our Medical Alert System.

Our GoSafe systems are perfect for more active adults.

If you enjoy getting out and about; seeing friends, indulging in your hobbies, or going to the store, consider our GoSafe or GoSafe 2 mobile systems. You’ll have direct access to help anytime, anywhere.​

Our HomeSafe systems are perfect for people who spend most of their time at home.

If cooking and reading are some of your favorite pastimes, consider our HomeSafe Standard or HomeSafe with AutoAlert systems. You’ll have direct access to help in and around your home.​


Our standard medical alert system is an affordable way to maintain your independence - Get access to the help you need 24/7 at the push of a button - You decide how you would like to be helped; by a neighbor, loved one, or emergency service

HOMESAFE + AutoAlert

This proven medical alert service with AutoAlert can automatically call for help if it detects a fall, even if you can’t push the button yourself. - More than 3,000,000 seniors have relied on it to feel safe at home - Detects more than 95% of true falls and minimizes false alarms

ON THE GO + Auto Alert

It’s the medical alert system that gives you the freedom to go where you want, when you want. - Get access to live help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - at home and on the go - The AutoAlert feature can automatically call for help if it detects a fall

Medication Dispenser

Holds up to 60 doses for 40 days of medication up to 6 times per day. Dispenses pills at the scheduled times as well as reminders for non-pill medications. Audible alerts remind you when it's time to take your medication

Our Service

At the heart of all of our services is discrete call button, worn as a necklace or bracelet. It connects you or loved one to help in a case of a fall or an emergency 24/7. Our button is paired with an in-home Communicator which acts as a speaker phone for two-way voice communication with our Response Center. All calls go directly to the Lifeline-owned Response Center in North America. You can always be sure that your call will be answered by highly trained and caring Response Associates who will access your profile, contact the people you’ve identified, and request the help you want. Our Response Associates will even follow up to confirm that help has arrived.

Dependability is key to peace of mind. That’s why doctors, hospitals, and professional caregivers trust our Medical Alert System.

The Lifeline Equipment

When choosing between the GoSafe, HomeSafe Standard or HomeSafe with AutoAlert service for your loved one it is best to assess which solution will allow them to live a greater quality of life. The HomeSafe Standard provides help at the press of a button in and around the home whereas the HomeSafe with AutoAlert also includes the AutoAlert Fall Detection Technology which calls for help, even when your loved one can’t.

The GoSafe product provides maximum protection both in and around the home as well as while away from the home. The GoSafe medical alert system combines mobile technology and fall detection technology to ensure the comfort and safety of your loved one no matter where they are. The cost of the medical alert system will vary depending on the service you choose.

What Does Life Link Cost?

There is variation in the pricing depending on the type of service you choose, but whether you choose our GoSafe, GoSafe2, HomeSafe Standard or HomeSafe with AutoAlert service, know you’ve made a great decision by choosing Lifeline! Pay for your service on a monthly basis, just while you need it. We won’t ask you to sign a long-term contract, confront hidden costs, or buy special equipment.

Lifeline offers nationwide coverage, available in every community across the country. Please remember that although a cell phone may seem like a cost effective alternative to a medical alert service, it can’t replace one.

Speak to one of our local representatives by calling (307) 751-9348

How Our Medical Alert Service Works

Not all medical alert systems are created equal. That's why Life Link of Sheridan County offers important features that keep you feeling safe.

1. Call for help

As soon as the help button is pressed, or a fall is detected, you will be connected to our response center.

2. Hear a reassuring voice

A caring Response Associate, available 24/7, will talk with you to quickly assess the situation.

3. Help is on the way

Based on your personalized response plan, we'll dispatch the help you need, and follow up to confirm that help has arrived.

Maintaining Independence for Sheridan County since 1988

Life Link of Sheridan County is pleased to provide members of our senior community with America’s most trusted alert service. For more than 30 years, Lifeline has enabled seniors in Sheridan County, with greater independence, peace of mind and dignity in the place they feel most comfortable – their own homes.

Because the Lifeline service also helps family caregivers to balance the needs of their loved ones with the demands of their own busy lives, Lifeline greatly benefits them as well. If you have any questions, would like to talk about your particular needs, or are ready to begin service, please give us a call at (307) 751-9348.